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  • Zoe Wyatt

    Are HMRC’s 281 Million Pounds Diverted Profits Tax Yield Stats Misleading the Public?

    The U.K.’s tax authority HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”) recently published statistics setting out a 281 million pounds tax yield in 2016–17 from the Diverted Profits Tax. In question was the so-called “Google Tax” introduced in April 2015 as the answer to counter perceived tax-avoidance by large multinational groups that generate significant revenue from U.K. customers but seemingly pay little U.K. corporation tax by comparison. The diverted profits tax (“DPT”) seeks to prevent multinational groups…

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    October 10, 2017 Posted by:

  • Andrew Murray

    Amazon’s UK taxes: criticisms misplaced

    Andrew Murray, Partner and Rozi Ellis, Associate, examine Amazon’s UK tax:   The recent release of Amazon’s UK logistic and customer service company’s financial accounts revealed a lower corporation tax liability (£7.4mn corporation tax on profits of £24.3mn), despite a healthy increase in turnover. The commentators’ response was to wield accusations of tax avoidance and allow the unfortunate phrase ‘fair share of tax’ to once again reach media headlines. But, allowing the tax avoidance debate…

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    September 1, 2017 Posted by:

  • Tom Wesel

    Shooting the messenger, or even the odd job man

    HMRC’s proposed penalty regime for enablers of avoidance   On 17 August, HMRC launched a consultation on imposing potentially ruinous sanctions on those who “enable tax avoidance” where HMRC defeats the arrangement in question. The proposals are unworkable in their current form and one has to hope they were only a “ranging shot” in a battle between HMRC and the profession. As drafted, they target anyone who provides advice, acts as an introducer or intermediary…

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    October 26, 2016 Posted by:

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