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Milestone and Transfer Pricing Associates Webinar

A Plain English Guide to the Diverted Profits Tax


Thursday 23rd April 2015


15:00 UK

16:00 Amsterdam

10:00 New York


1 hour

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Join us this Thursday for our joint webinar with Transfer Pricing Associates (TPA). Milestone is the UK member firm of Transfer Pricing Global and we have been working closely with our TPA colleagues on how the Diverted Profits Tax (DPT) will apply to multinational groups and to identify steps they could take to mitigate a DPT charge. In particular, we have drawn on the expertise of the economists at TPA to identify methodologies to quantify a ‘non-tax financial benefit’ within the insufficient economic substance test.

The webinar will consider the following:

  • the two key charging provisions of the UK DPT;
  • application of the “80% payment test;
  • the “Insufficient Economic Substance Condition”;
  • the reporting obligations under DPT (even if it is likely that no DPT charge would arise); and
  • the DPT calculations.

At the end of the webinar, you will:

  • understand the rationale underlying the DPT;
  • be able to make an initial assessment as to whether your UK activities risk falling within the scope of the DPT;
  • understand your notification and reporting obligations; and
  • be clear of the timeframe within which you have to take action.

We look forward to you joining this informative event.

April 20, 2015

Zoe Wyatt

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