Milestone is a boutique international tax practice established in Mayfair, London.


From homes to holding companies; solutions for becoming non-resident

The Client

Entrepreneurs and HNWIs

The Problem

With tax rates, soaring in France and Spain, , unemployment growing and growth stalling, and a general lack of trust in the state, becoming non-resident has become the only viable option for many of our clients. We help with entire strategy and relocation process; ensuring a smooth for both the business and families involved.

The Solution

  • We enable restructuring through the use of UK holding companies, inserted by way of a share-for-share exchange.
  • Our turn-key service gives our clients access to on and off market real estate opportunities, office accommodation and excellent schools.
  • To protect, preserve and ensure wealth is passed on to future generations, we advise on succession planning as part of our pre-immigration strategy.